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Baltic Soul Weekender

ÖvrigtPosted by Oskar Tuesday, March 27 2007 21:37:49
Since this post is being adverstised on international forums, i've chosen to write it in english. I sure hope that no swedish readers will mind having to read in english, and i also hope that no english readers mind me abusing their language in such an arrogant manner.

Last weekend, Soulville UA went to check out the Baltic Soul Weekender outside of Lûbeck in the north of Germany. The main acts we looked forward to was Leroy Hutson (who unfortunately cancelled), Marva Whitney and Ann Sexton. The highlights of the weekend was the latter two mentioned above, who both made marvellous performances in the modern soul room friday night, the amazing service and comfort offered by the promoters, including limo service from the airport, spa tickets and really clean and nice acomodation. DJ-wise i personally would've prefered more seventies stuff (why did Ralph Tee play in the northern room at the same time Ann Sexton & Marva Whitney had their gigs in the modern room) and less of electronic mainstream stuff. At certain times, you couldn't tell if you were in the house room, the modern room or the main stage.

To sum things up we had a great weekend, and i would love to go again if the DJ bookings included some more top names in the classic northern and modern field.

Blog Image
Junior Giscombe, who was also the host of the weekender radio, made an excellent performance friday night.

Blog Image
Martin, carried away by the moment, getting in the mood for Marva.
Blog Image
Presenting...... MARVA WHITNEY

Blog ImageAs beautful as ever. And what a voice. Blog ImageAnn Sexton

Blog ImageAnd her audience.
Blog ImageMr Rimmer in the northern room.

And some videoclips:

Marva Whitney - This Girl's in love with you
Ann Sexton - Colour my world blue
Ann Sexton - You've been gone too long

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