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Keep yourself notified about our club nights, DJ-gigs, weekly radio show and mixes. No matter if it's raw, smooth, funky or deep. As long it's real soul music it has a place in our hearts.
We have been doing this in Uppsala since 2000, and organised such clubs as Boogaloo, Fingersnappin, Breakaway, Two Tons of Fun and Soulville Allstars as well as DJ:ed at almost every night club in Uppsala and at @ various soul clubs in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

Playlist Gareth Donovan, Soulville Allstars 1 dec

KlubbPosted by Oskar Wednesday, December 05 2007 01:32:23
Incognito & Carleen Anderson  -  Trouble Don't Last Always 
Atar & the Funkadrome  -  You Set My Soul On Fire 
Tony Di Bart   -  Do It 
Norman Hutchins  -  I Really Love You 
Blair  -  Nightlife 
James Mason  -  Sweet Power Your Embrace 
K-Scope  -  Latin Blues Pt 1 
Incognito   -  Fearless 
George Benson  -  When Love Comes Calling 
EW&F  -  Runnin' 
Mario Biondi  -  This Is What You Are 
Brenda & Albert  -  Talking About Loving You 
Bobby Taylor  -  Blackmail 
Carbon Copies  -  Just Don't Love You 
Hesitations  -  Is That The Way To Treat A Girl 
Marvin Gaye  -  You Sure Love To Ball 
Wilson Williams  -  I Think Its Gonna Work Out Fine 
Spaceark  -  Phantom Lover 
Three Prophets  -  I Think I Really Love You 
Edwin Starr  -  Running Back And Forth 
Melvin Moore  -  All Of A Sudden 
Mixed Emotions  -  Gold Of My Life 
Second Ressurrection  -  You Done Let Daylight Catch You 
Chain Reaction  -  Searching For Tomorrow  
Fever  -  Don't You Want Me 
Brass Construction  -  Movin' 
Bobby Thurston  -  I Want Your Body  
Jocelyn Brown  -  If I Can't Have Your Love  
Carl Hall  -  What About You 
Candi Staton  -  Too Hurt To Cry

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